Dave Corbett

CEO & Co-founder
Chain Financial

Dave is an entrepreneur who champions agile working practices and collaboration to drive innovation. As a leader, he focuses on unlocking discretionary effort and creativity in his teams by forming diverse teams and encouraging them to bring their whole self to work.

Dave is the CEO of Chain Financial. Chain Financial is an innovative technology company focused on growing blockchain financial markets.

Over the last 18 years, half of them as a PwC Partner based in London and New Zealand, Dave has had broad and international experience in leading business units and engagements, including:

Founding and leading PwC New Zealand’s Cryptocurrency & Token Economics business.

Founding and Leading PwC New Zealand’s Data & Analytics Hub.

Establishing and leading PwC Market Value Direct (MVD), a global financial instrument valuation business serving more than 2000 clients in 15 countries around the world. Through nearly a decade of high growth, MVD led the adoption of multiple technology and business model innovations.

Leading a team to value a large portfolio of complex structured notes issued by Lehman Brothers following the failure of this global investment bank. This assignment lasted for more than a year and required the leading of valuation experts from around the world to deliver 50,000+ hours of valuation services across 3,000+ instruments.

Establishing a bad bank for a European government, including senior stakeholder management around risk strategy, policy, processes and systems.

Providing expert financial engineering advice in relation to the structuring of funding and derivatives, assessing debt capacity, estimating credit quality and pricing.

Providing strategic advice in relation to bank economic capital, funds transfer pricing, capital planning, risk management, risk appetite and bank regulation.