Glenn Hodgeman

Executive Director

Glenn is the Executive Director of AltFi, the London based Fintech media company, where he writes articles on the Australian on-line lending sector. In 2015 he created and launched the annual AltFi Australasia Summit which remains the major Fintech Lending Conference in Australia, bringing together international thought leaders from the world of Fintech and Alternative Finance.

This year he launched a new A$ Private Debt Fund, called HHR Capital Partners. The fund seeks to identify best in class on-line and non bank lenders, that originate pools of loans and other securities that the Fund can purchase. Through diversification, security and structural enhancement it looks to minimise single issuer exposure.

Glenn also was a specialist advisor to the private debt affiliate of hedge fund manager Marshall Wace; MW Eaglewood. Glenn had sole responsibility for Australia/New Zealand research and provided due diligence and advisory services directly to the European CEO.

Glenn is an experienced credit trader and market maker having led trading teams locally and overseas at Citi, ANZ and Westpac. As Global Head of Credit Trading for Westpac, Glenn was responsible for managing a team of credit specialists running an internal balance sheet portfolio as well as a flow trading business.

The combination of deep experience in traditional banking and early stage involvement in alternative lending places Glenn at the centre of the Australian Fintech and On-line Lending industry. Glenn has an MBA from ESCP-EAP in Paris and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance from the Securities Institute of Australia. He graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Economics.

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