Blockchain Financial Markets at the CFA Society New Zealand 'The AlteЯnatives' conference.

The CFA Society New Zealand 'The AlteЯnatives' conference agenda includes a presentation on Blockchain Financial Markets.

Dave Corbett will be presenting on this topic and has posted an interesting series of blogs on Blockchain Financial Markets:

#1 - Design Principles of Blockchain Financial Markets

For me, finance is a time machine that connects people and enables them to collaborate and exchange value and risk through time. This is one of the reasons I love finance. There is something a little magical about enabling people to better themselves, their families and their communities even when they have a poor start. Finance can enable us to achieve our dreams of future success. This is the magic of finance…….

#2 - Responsibility in Blockchain Financial Markets

I’m really excited about the potential of Blockchain Financial Markets to deliver real value to people, their families and their communities. For me, this is the magic of finance (refer Blog №1). I’m also aware that we need to approach this in the right way or we may inadvertently cause harm or impose additional costs on society……...

#3 - Collaborating in Blockchain Financial Markets

I look forward to the new Blockchain Financial Markets landscape flourishing with healthy collaboration between Trusted Entities from the Traditional Financial Markets and the Emerging Entities and their technologies…….

#4 - Innovating with Blockchain Financial Markets

Practical examples are the acid test that can separate valuable innovation from vapourware. Here are eight selected examples of innovating with Blockchain Financial Markets that we are working on at Chain Financial. Innovations 1 to 4 are examples of doing old things better and innovations 5 to 8 are examples of how we can do better things………

Nick Howell