R. Jesse McWaters

R. Jesse McWaters leads the World Economic Forum’s exploration of fintech and financial innovation. His work focuses on bringing together senior financial services executives, leading fintech players, and global regulators to understand how new technologies and innovative new entrants are transforming the competitive dynamics of the global financial ecosystem.

He is the co-author of the World Economic Forum’s groundbreaking “Future of Financial Services” report which establishes a taxonomy of fintech innovations and considers their implications on the financial services ecosystem. More recently, he co-authored an in-depth exploration into the potential of blockchain to revolutionize financial services (“The Future of Financial Infrastructure”) as well as an investigation of the importance of digitizing identity for the financial system (“A Blueprint for Digital Identity”).

Jesse manages the Forum’s newly created council on the Future of Blockchain which convenes leading thinkers, innovators, and policy-makers to consider the emerging governance requirements of blockchain technology. He also previously lead the now completed terms of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Future of Insurance and Asset Management and the Global Agenda Council on The Future of The Global Financial System. 

Prior to his current role, Jesse worked as a financial services consultant with Deloitte and served as Director of Insights for Deloitte’s Future of Canada Institute, an organization dedicated to enhancing Canada’s productivity, competitiveness and innovative capabilities. In this capacity Jesse co-authored numerous publications including: “The future of productivity - A wake-up call for Canadian companies” and “Passport to growth - How international arrivals stimulate Canadian exports”.

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