Fintech squarely on the map in New Zealand

When you come from New Zealand, you get used to being left off the map, quite literally. I kid you not, there is a blog that assiduously documents moments when the world forgot to draw its youngest sibling to the right of its brash and self-assured big brother, Australia.


But despite this regular oversight by the world’s collective cartographers , New Zealand’s tech scene is quietly getting itself onto the global map, in a big, figurative way. Investment and innovation is ramping up year on year and companies like Xero and Datacom are helping shape the country’stechnology narrative.


According to a Technology Investment Network 100 report released late last year, the local tech sector saw a 12 percent lift in revenue generated between 2015 and 2016, jumping to $9.422B from $8.412B. Tellingly, the gap between dairy export earnings and tech earnings is closing, signalling New Zealand’s push towards becoming a true information and innovation economy may be getting real traction.


For an interesting overview of the region’s growth you can also check out Tristan Pollock’s post on Medium here.


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