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About Perpetual Guardian and Kōwhiri

Perpetual Guardian was created when Perpetual Trust and Guardian Trust joined forces to become New Zealand’s leading statutory trust business. Perpetual Guardian’s mission is to ensure that every New Zealander has a Will and every child is protected by one.  We aim to do this by making Wills affordable and accessible for everyone through our online services and quality personalised advice.  Our consultants are specialists in their field and are experts in tailoring a solution that fits clients’ needs, providing well-crafted Wills, Trusts and EPAs. Perpetual Guardian helps to preserve all that clients have worked for, by ensuring their wishes are carried out after their death.

As the country’s pre-eminent provider of philanthropic services, Perpetual Guardian manages over 550 charitable foundations and through these distribute in excess of $25 million every year.

Kōwhiri is the global leader in digital solutions for the estate planning industry.  As part of the Perpetual Guardian group we deliver technology that is transforming how estate planning services are delivered – improving productivity, profitability and quality.  Our solutions provide document automation from the cloud to help write Wills, Trusts and Enduring Power of Attorney documents.

Why are we sponsoring the event?

Collaboration is key in the fiduciary services sector.  Perpetual Guardian and Kōwhiri have formed strategic partnerships with a range of advisers and professional services firms such as lawyers and accountants to help them focus on their clients’ needs by enhancing their service offerings while mitigating risk – we would like to work with you to do the same.

Technology is changing the way people consume services in many industries and finance is no exception – the intersection of technology and fiduciary services needed to happen.  Recent research undertaken by Perpetual Guardian revealed that 38% of adult New Zealanders do not have a Will, and that many would prefer an online option.  Perpetual Guardian and Kōwhiri have created a range of online offerings for Wills, Enduring Power of Attorney and Trusts that are being used successfully by many advisers in the market alongside access to advised estate planning services.

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