20% discount on the theblockchain.nz conference.

Over the last few weeks globally there has been a considerable amount going on in the blockchain space including:

•        the state of Arizona giving legal status to blockchain based smart contracts.

•        Japan now recognises Bitcoin as a legal method of payment.

•        Dubai announcing it will be a city build on blockchain.

•        As of today Ether and Bitcoin have hit all time highs (Ether up 460% and Bitcoin up 42% in the last three months).

•        And in local media you might have seen Mike O'Donnell's piece in the papers over the weekend.

Paul Salisbury (Head of Emerging Technologies, 3Months; Blockchain Trainer at Tech Futures Lab), Fran Strajnar (CEO, Techemy Limited), Stephen Macaskill (President, Blockchain Association of New Zealand) and Mark Pascall (Director, 3months.com; Co-Founder, Blockchainlabs.nz) will all be speaking at the CFA Society New Zealand "Disruptive Innovation in Financial Services" conference on 18 May at the Auckland Hilton.