New sponsor added at the CFA Society New Zealand "Disruptive Innovation in Financial Services" conference in Auckland on 18th May 2017.

Why are we sponsoring the event?

The opportunity to make a real difference to everyday New Zealanders through FinTech, particularly robo-advice is extremely exciting for Kiwi Wealth. We have a duty to ensure New Zealanders are making optimal decisions with their wealth building assets. Traditionally, advice has been out of reach for the majority, however, robo-advice has the potential to be a game changer - by making advice available to everyone. This will be critical given the universal nature of KiwiSaver, and particularly as members start accumulating large amounts. Kiwi Wealth recognises that with these exciting FinTech opportunities come challenges and an evolving regulatory environment.

Kiwi Wealth is proud to sponsor the Disruptive Innovation in Financial Services Conference and looks forward to sharing ideas and learning about the opportunities and challenges across the FinTech landscape at the conference.